Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

I have had some friends who have raved about Huda Beauty products, and more recently I have been seeing these products pop up on my newsfeed. So I thought, why not try them out.  For me personally, I am not the biggest fan of online shopping for makeup- I prefer to try out the colors on my skin (only because sometimes the pictures do not do the color justice). I was recently at Sephora in New York when I stumbled upon these beauties, and I thought why not.

I am personally not very bold with lip color,  so I found these two colors perfect for me!

The first one I got was Icon. It is a beautiful color (Sephora describes it as a “classy peach pink,” but I would also add that it has some red undertones). It is perfect to wear anytime. It is matte, but surprisingly it does not dry out your lips. It is also long lasting which is always a plus for me (I hate having to reapply lipstick constantly).

The second one I got was Bombshell, and I am OBSESSED! I love wearing this color everywhere. It is more a pinkish nude color, but I love it especially for the days where you just want a subtle color on your lips. Again, like Icon it is matte and does not dry easily, so it is definitely a great formula.

I haven’t tried the other colors, but there is such great variety of colors for everyone to chose from. And given the consistency of the formulas from both lipsticks I have bought, I would definitely recommend it!



(The top one is Icon and the bottom one is Bombshell)




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